Toddler Anti-Lost Wristband

$19.95 $40
Are you looking for ways to keep your kid safe in a crowded place? This Toddler Anti-Lost Wristband will keep them stay close to you & completely safe!

Now just say goodbye to those sickening feelings when turning your back, turning around, and then find that your kids are out of your sight.

These adjustable wristbands attach to your child’s wrist with velcro straps, and the extra-thick steel cord makes sure they’ll stay by your side. The top-of-the-line lock and key design provide an extra level of security— once locked, kid’s won’t be able to remove the wristbands until they have been unlocked by a parent.

Hard and durable link rope, soft and adjustable wristband, very comfortable & convenient to wear.
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Suitable age: 1-8years old
  • Length: 1.5M
  • Package Size: 17 * 17 * 3CM
  • Package Weight: 0.15kg

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