Soft Silicone Soundproof Earplugs

$19.95 $40
Block out the noise, protect your hearing, and enjoy a good night's sleep with our Soft Silicone Soundproof Earplugs.

Non-disposable, reusable after water washing and portable with a convenient case.

Made out of selected foamed PU material, soft and comfortable, safe, and healthy.

Available in three types with lovely colors to meet your desired needs.

Type 1 - Grey: Aircraft Earplugs
Suitable for flying or high-speed railway.

Type 2 - Orange: Dual Frequency Noise Canceling Earplugs
Suitable for electric drill work, highways, shooting, and noisy environments.

Type 3 - Pink: Foam Earplugs
Suitable for snoring, noisy, decoration noise and
sensitive skin type people.
  • Material: PC + ABS Case + PU Foam (Pink type only)
  • Type 1 - Grey: 14.61x28.83mm
  • Type 2 - Orange: 13.8x19.7mm
  • Type 3 - Pink: 12.6x24.2mm

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