Magic™ 3-In-1 Quick Slicers Set (3 pcs)

$14.95 $30

Fast and effortless peeling, slicing & scooping in one item: This Magic™ 3-In-1 Quick Slicers Set will make things so much easier for you!

Creatively made to handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge.

It comes with 3 peelers with different blades.

Each blade is made with stainless steel that lasts a lifetime and can literally cut & slice through any fruit or vegetable!

- Black peelers: general peeling for potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkins, pineapples,...

- Blue peelers: cabbage shredders, cheese slicers, thin slicing, peeling for soft fruits.

- Red peelers: a spiralizer cut vegging into long ribbons or strips, noodles & spaghetti shapes.

The ergonomic handle design makes peeling & slicing tasks much smooth & comfortable.

Great for scooping. It even has a little scoop on the side for smaller vegetables.

No more struggle to slice, shred, or peel vegetables to prepare your meal or salad!

Everything is done within seconds, save more than 70% of your preparation time! 

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package content:
    • 1 pcs x Black 50mm Peeler
    • 1 pcs x Blue 68mm Peeler 
    • 1 pcs x Red 50mm Peeler

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