2-IN-1 3D Mosquitor Killer LED Light

$42.95 $85
This is not only a 3D LED Light, but also a Mosquito Killer!
The romantic violet light and lovely 3D images make it a perfect lighting addition to your décor.
These are 4 wonderful features that make this a powerful Mosquito Killer:
  • Designed with the mosquito-loving 368nm ultraviolet light & a strong vortex, very effective in simulating the moisture of the carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, attracting & killing mosquitoes and flies.
  • Removable structural design: Rotate counterclockwise to disassemble the mosquito storage box, wash it with water, and wipe it clean with a dry cloth after cleaning.
  • Purely Mute: comfortable and quiet, no radiation. Also suitable for children, pregnant women & the elderly.
  • Made with low-voltage, energy-saving & power-saving USB cable, it can be directly connected to any charging device & carried around to prevent mosquito nuisance.

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