Christmas Magic Instant Snow (10PCS)

$19.95 $40
Can't wait for the snow to fall?

This Magic Instant Snow will make your wish come true and turn your room into a winter wonderland now!

Get immersed in snow, play & have endless fun without the frozen fingers, runny noses, and wet socks.

You, your friends & family, especially kids, will be filled with joy and surprises. The snow will never melt yet will forever cool. Just enjoy it!

Ideal for playing snowballs at home or decorating your home for themed parties and Christmas holidays!

How to let it snow by-your-self?

Add water proportionally (snow: water = 1:25-30)

Wait 10 seconds and magic will happen!
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Net content: 9g/ pack
  • Size: 6cm x 9cm
  • Proportion: Snow powder: Water = 1:25-30 (250-300 grams of water per 10 grams of snow powder)
  • The package includes: 10 packs Christmas Magic Instant Snow


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